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How did it all begin?

Fleet magazine
came about 5 years ago by 2 friends that was seemingly frustrated with existing transport news websites. They were clunky and not really relevant to what they wanted to read. They decided to do something about it by creating a blog called to a fully blown magazine. The page was filled with the latest news, insights and relevant industry change all in one place.

Over time this space become very popular and attracted like minded people that all wanted something simple and informative in one place.

Where are we now?

With Fleet Magazine launching into a full blown magazine in 2016 it has quickly become one of the UK’s favourite transport publications. From our humble beginnings we have kept things simple and have now amassed an almighty following. We have been growing and maintaining our followers list ever since. We cant thank everybody enough for their support over the years and by subscribing helping us to become what we are today.

Our Aim

Our aim from the start was for our readers to have access to information and news that matters to them in a simple and enjoyable format. Fast forward 5 years; we now have over 75,000 active monthly subscribers to Fleet Magazine. Placing us firmly at the top level of the industry, with only a select few publications coming close to our readership. We can now give our clients an open door to the people and companies they are targeting.

So whats different about Fleet Magazine?

With our readership being made up of 83% of management level and above we almost guarantee our subscribers and official partners will be able to either use your services or offer services to help make running a company easier and more efficient.

What we offer?

We offer both printed and digital versions of our publication along with running the all new YouTube channel and of course all social media platforms, which you can watch all of our interviews with some of the biggest names within the industry.

Banana Group Limited

Finally we want to thank Banana Group Limited  for helping us make this a reality.

BGL is an amazing media company specialising within the publishing industry, web-design, hosting, photography and videography, animation and motion graphics, design and re branding and a whole host of other things that we couldn’t of done without.