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With the Profi Liner, Krone presents a true all-round vehicle that can be used flexibly for a large variety of applications. For example, the industry-proven equipment includes a 30 mm thick, waterproof, glued and completely sealed slab floor, which is designed for a max. 7000 kg forklift axle load. Moreover, the TrailerSafetyFloor is equipped with a non-slip coating.

The load securing package also fulfils professional requirements, ranging from the Multi Lock external frame to the Multi Block loading beam, Multi Fix, Multi Wall, all the way to Multi Block Paper. With this equipment, the trailer meets the following load securing certifications: DCE 9.5, EN 12642 XL, VDI 2700, as well as beverages transport. The trade fair vehicle will be presented with a full load, so that the fair visitors can test and evaluate the various load securing equipment.

With regards to safety, there is also the new Ice Protect Easy System, which prevents the formation of dangerous sheets of ice on the trailer roof. The Ice Protect Easy System is activated through an electric motor; the motor actuates a mechanical hoisting device that is located under the trailer roof tarpaulin. By means of wire brackets, which are positioned between the transverse hoops and are interconnected, the roof tarpaulin is quickly raised by approx. 18 cm. As a result, water can no longer accumulate.

The standard equipment of this versatile, multi-functional semitrailer also includes the Krone axle, with fully automatic electronic lift axle control for the first axle. Meanwhile, Krone Telematics ‘Dry 2’ provides ultimate trailer monitoring – it keeps an eye on the location, operating data, coupling status and error messages from the brake system. And last but not least, the Profi Liner is distinguished by distinctive Krone branding; i.e. all accessory parts are given the Krone look and a Krone number; this makes everyday operations much easier for the transport company, since they only have one contact person for all questions regarding service, maintenance and spare parts.