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Foxhall Environmental Services Convert to Team Volvo

Foxhall Environmental Services have recently taken order of two Volvo FH420s tractor units Crossroads Truck and Bus in Birstall, Leeds. The new Trucks come with lifing equiptment from Multilift which was added to the chassis from Londonderry Garage. The Volvos will be new additions to their fleet of 8 Scania’s.

Foxhall is a fairly young company in the grand scheme of things, having only been established eight years ago. As a result, they are expanding at a relatively quick rate with their fleet size and employment rate expanding at an incredible rate. The company has also moved to a new paperless E-Document system.

Joint owners, Jonathan Gilroy and Gordon Pashley, founded West Yorkshire-based Foxhall Environmental Services Ltd (FES Ltd) in 2009. This followed their realisation that there was a gap in the local market for the disposal of Asbestos waste.

As they were a newly founded company at the time, they had an advantage over the competition as their operating systems and overall aesthetic was much cleaner and contemporary. Jonathan and Gordon built the business from the ground up with strong brand awareness and modern systems, reflecting the trends at the time with the expansion of social media as a key marketing tool.

portrait001Jonathan commented, “the new Volvo’s have been really impressive and look the part too. The main thing is, the drivers who spend most of their working time in the trucks, absolutely love them, so much we have just enquired about taking on another two more.”

“We really liked the fact that with us using them within a quarry environment that the bumpers had a high clearance so we wouldn’t be encountering any problems when going of the main roads and into a muddy or uneven surface. This makes life a lot easier than having drivers getting stuck or having to struggle.”

“Feedback from the drivers has been great, they have said they are very comfortable, the ‘tech’ that comes with the trucks is also very useful. Both drivers have also mentioned they seems to be a little bit quicker on the off.” Explains Jonathan.

The firm’s fleet is contemporary and tight with eight vehicles of mixed use and manufacturer origin. Jonathan and Gordon went with Sweden’s top manufacturers, Scania and Volvo, as his choice for the fleet because of their reputation for being strong and reliable.

The majority of the fleet is made up of a mix of Scania and Volvo 32 tonne hook loaders, as well as some Scania 18 tonne skip loaders. All of their vehicles are fitted with the latest TomTom tracking systems, allowing them to be efficient and accurate in their business. This is aided by their newly added paperless E-Document system that reduces the time it takes to handover with clients and monitor what goes in and out of its premises.

fox4FES Ltd has a wide service area stretching far beyond the borders of West Yorkshire thanks to the previously mentioned strong brand presence. This large operating area is what has led to the firm’s expansion in all aspects of the business due to the ever-expanding waste that comes onto its premises. The most notable areas it works in outside of West Yorkshire are Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Looking to the future, FES Ltd is aiming to expand the contaminated land side of the business as they have expanded their Asbestos waste collection as far as they can with their current resources. This allows them to begin diversifying the waste they collect and build on their strong reputation in the industry.

FES Ltd has also been granted a Clinical Waste permit for their transfer site in Leeds, further expanding its portfolio. Additionally, there are preliminary plans in place to open new transfer stations in another three regions, continuing their nationwide takeover of the industry.

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